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Trapezoidal sheet metal applications, which are frequently used in construction sites, are preferred to ensure the safety of the environment. Trapezoidal sheet metal applications are used to cover the area in order not to harm the environment during construction. In this way, human life is prevented by taking great precautions during construction. Not only human life, but also the environment is not affected by construction waste. Most of the construction sites use trapezoidal sheet metal applications in order to make a smoother and more standardized work.

Trapezoidal Sheet Roof Applications

Trapezoidal sheet metal applications have a metallic appearance. Due to the sheet metal its color is like this. Optionally, there are single-storey or double-storey options. Double-layer trapezes are highly durable products. Although it is a bit more expensive than a single storey in terms of cost, it is more advantageous in terms of use. Double-layer trapeze allows you to use it for many years. Trapezoidal sheet metal applications are also used for roofs. Roof trapeze is used to prevent leaks that may occur on the roof. It is frequently preferred especially in regions with a lot of rainfall. Trapezoidal roof application also provides a modern look in wood. You can protect your homes in this way with modern lines.Trapez sheet applications are advantageous in many ways. Trapezes used in constructions for demarcation and environmental protection are quite different from roof trapezes. Sheet trapeze applications used for the roof are much more durable products.