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Sports fields differ according to the purpose of use. The installation is made in accordance with whatever sports field will be built. Resin and synthetic materials are generally preferred for floors. In this way, a healthier ground is provided. Thanks to the synthetics, the floor is non-slip, does not smell, and is resistant to bad weather conditions. In addition, since it is much softer than concrete floors, injuries of athletes in cases such as falling are also reduced. Sports fields are designed according to the area to be installed.

In the installation of sports fields, many different sports branches such as volleyball court, tennis court, football field, basketball court are installed. In addition, such installations are also made for carpet field productions. Different floor types can be preferred for sports fields. These floors are tartan floor, acrylic floor, artificial grass floor, parquet floor, polyurethane floor. You can choose one of these floors according to your location and sport branch. Sports fields can be made open or closed according to your preference. Indoor sports fields are ideal for bad weather conditions. There are also different coating methods for these indoor sports fields. Generally, tarpaulin usage is much more. You can also choose hair coating and plastic coating according to your own preference. Among the sports fields, the most football fields are generally built. For this, carpet fields covered with tarpaulin are preferred.