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Grass wire systems, which attract attention with their decorative appearance, are generally used in natural environments. This fence consisting entirely of artificial lawns will give your spaces a natural look. You cannot use these grass wire systems, which are specially produced for the wall, in floor spaces. Although similar to the flooring used in carpet fields, grass wire is used only on walls. This grass look is easily applied to wires, wall coverings, and knitted wires. You can ensure your safety with a natural look by choosing these grass-looking wires for your outdoor areas.

How to Use Grass Wire Systems

Winding is done by cutting the grass wires between two wires with sharp knives. In this way, grass wires are formed, at the same time, it is a very durable product with the use of resistant materials. Grass wire systems are frequently preferred outdoors, especially in gardens. Stainless steel and PVC coating are used for grass wire. In this way, the fence is not damaged in any way even in bad weather conditions outdoors. It has a particularly rustproof and non-oxidizing structure. In this way, you can use grass wire outdoors for long periods of time. You can choose not only for decoration but also for grassed wire security and private area. These fences, which are frequent to obstruct the viewing angle, allow you to have your private space in your home. It also prevents strangers and stray animals from entering your garden. In addition, grass wire is applied to all kinds of floors and places.