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With 16 years of product, application knowledge and experience, our valued customers; Panel Fence, Grass Fence, Wire Fence, Razor Wire, Outdoor and Indoor Sports Fields, Basketball Courts, Tennis Courts, Volleyball Courts, Door Systems, Wrought Iron Systems and Trapezoidal Fence Wire Applications are the main products in our product range. Our products are long-lasting and environmentally friendly products that can be used in all climatic conditions. We serve our valued customers with product and assembly support.

Turkey have signed many comprehensive and successful projects worldwide. By gaining a respectable place in the sector, we have adopted the principle of keeping the workmanship quality and customer satisfaction at the highest level since the day we were founded. Our primary goal is to achieve more projects by raising the bar in the sector. Our company has further accelerated its efforts for institutionalization and has determined many changes and strategies in this way.




  • 1. What is Panel Fence?

    Panel fence is a decorative, border-defining wire mesh system that provides perimeter security. It is a wire mesh model that can be used anywhere thanks to its decorative appearance. The wire mesh, which is durable and easy to use, has a symmetrical structure. One plastic cover is applied for each pole during the assembly phase. (These plastic caps are also called hats.) Panel fence from wire mesh systems can be mounted on the wall or on the ground.

  • 2. How Is Grass Fence Produced?

    They are products created by adding durable plastic raw materials on knitted wires.

  • 3. How Long Do Grass Fences Last?

    The products are resistant to fading, deterioration and spillage under normal conditions.

    Note: Ask about the quality standards of the product you have purchased.

  • 4. What is Grass Fence?

    They are products created by adding durable plast raw materials on the mesh wires produced to provide an appearance in the form of grass, grass and natural greenery.